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Claiming Redundancy and Insolvency Payments

We provide help to former employees of insolvent employers who are owed wages and other money. Former employees may also claim a redundancy payment if the employer is insolvent but can't or won't pay.

We work to standards defined in the Redundancy Payments Service Charter which can be found under the Publications Section of this site.

How to Claim

Please read the following notes and fill in the online form if you are claiming any of the following:

  • Redundancy payment
  • Compensation payment if your employer has not given you the correct notice of dismissal. This is often called "notice pay".
  • Unpaid Wages.
  • Holiday pay.

We will use the information you give on your application to assess your claim.  If you don't give the requested information it may affect the amount of your payments and the time it takes to receive them.


Your payment may be affected by legal limits that vary according to each type of payment.

  • Redundancy pay - this is based on age, number of complete years of service and weekly pay.  There is a limit of 20 years service and 30 weeks payment.
  • Notice pay - this is based on length of service and rate of pay.  This is limited to a maximum of 12 weeks payment.(Your Notice payment may be reduced by a notional benefit deduction where you have failed to reduce your loss - see below)
  • Wages owed - this is based on amounts owed for each week.  This is limited to a maximum of 8 weeks payment.
  • Holiday pay - this is based on holiday pay owed for the 12 months before the company became insolvent. This is limited to a maximum of 6 weeks payment.
  • National Minimum Wage Regulations 1998, Working Time Regulation 1998 (Rev).  The receiver or liquidator gives us information from your employer's wage records.  He or she will increase the wage and holiday entitlement you are owed to statutory amounts if your employer paid you below the legal limit.

All payments have a legal limit on a week's pay.  This limit is reviewed every year.

What happens next?

We will acknowledge your form electronically.

If you are claiming a notice payment, you will be asked to fill in another form at the end of your notice period. We may also ask you for more information. You should do everything you can to reduce any loss you may suffer. If you do not immediately find a new job, you should register as unemployed and claim any benefit you are entitled to.

If you need any more information about filling in this on line application form or general advice on redundancy, please telephone Customer Service helpline. Details can be found in Contact Us section below.

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